How to Hack the Google Keyword Planner to find Underground and Origional Keywords

Keyword Research is the most important part of SEO. Even more important than on-page optimization and backlink. And your success in your online business hinges upon your ability to find low-competition and high converting keywords.

Before starting any niche related to your business, it’s really important to know what keywords become the source of traffic for your competitor, what those keywords are that are mostly searched and land people at websites closely related to your site.

It’s really important to figure out that what those keywords are that are searched mostly and become the source of traffic for your competitor, keywords he/she is ranking for. So don’t just start by guessing what keywords are working and which are not. In today’s content-crazed world there are around 2-million blog posts published every day, showing how high the competition is. Then what are the chances that someone is going to read your post among 2-millions.

The odds are quite low even though you are creating popular and authoritative content. You are really burning the candle at both ends to create quality content but you see yourself nowhere in search results. If so, then you need to go back to the drawing board.

This is where keyword research plays its vital role and finding them in a correct way helps you beat your competitor to the punch. But you may be thinking;

“Ok Asher, I’ll do it easily as I know how to find them using Google Keyword Planner”.

But let me ask you how you are actually going to do it??

Now let’s dive right into the method.
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How to find Keywords your competitor doesn’t know about

Most of the people do Keyword Research in a completely wrong way. They head over to Google Keyword Planner and start by typing a keyword into it.

But it’s the worst way to start the Keyword Research process actually.


1.       1. It only provides you with the keywords that are always closely related to what you put into it.

You are intending to run an “online logo design business”, for instance. And you need to keyword research for that. So head over to google keyword planer and type in Keyword that customer may use to find you. Let’s say it’s “Online logo design”.

 Here’s what tool come up with.

And you can see there’s a very close variations of logo design online.

2.      2.  It provides the same results to everyone even your competition.

Now that’s the biggest problem. As said, 2-million blog posts are published every day and just guess how many of them would be doing keyword research using GKP, which is providing the same results to everyone of closely related niches.

So, stop hacking around. Here’s a simple way to address this issue.

How to Hack Google Keyword Planner for original and underground keywords

Now there are a lot of methods to perform this task and because most of the people do this by the GKP. Therefore, I’m going to tell you how to get the most out of GKP. It’s called GKP Hack.

Here’s how it works

Step #1: Go over the Google Keyword Planner.
Click on the “Search for the new keywords and ad group ideas” as you normally do.
Here’s what you’ll see.

Step #2: Enter the competitor’s landing page into the “your landing page” field.

Although you are supposed to put your own landing page here, there’s no restriction.

Let’s continue with our “logo design online” example.

As you noticed, GKP didn’t give us any fresh ideas when we put out keyword “logo design online”.
Now let’s look at the difference when we enter a weird page, like the homepage of our competitor.

Here we go…

We have three LONG TAIL KEYWORDS that tool doesn’t show to most of the people. Because they are the keywords that most of the people never see, we can easily create targeted articles around them and rank those pages without needing a lot of backlinks.

Time to beat your competitor to the punch!!!


  1. This is a great tool for SEO, you explained how it works very well. I must say this is important tool and everyone should use it :)

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    1. Yeah it's important to brush up your knowledge of SEO to make sure your online existance.

  3. I find that keywords for your blog post, for example, have to be something extraordinary on one side, and on the other, something closely tied to your content. That`s a challenge. This tool" can help with that, tried it :)

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    1. Yeah exactly.. You've got know what sort of search terms or keywords people use to land at your webpage. Thanks for comments Cheyenne!!

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